Quiz Creation Guide

To create quiz you must be added my website admin as editor , author , or admin role. Once you added by the website admin , you will be notify by provided email.

In the email you will get :

User name

Login website link

password reset link

You just click on the link like website/wp-login . php

Put your credential and log in

After you logged in the website backend handle you will see the tab “watu Quizzes” click on that.

After you clicking on this option , click on the “Create New Quiz”

After this please write the proper quiz heading or title and leave all the check-box unchecked , then scroll down and Click on “Save”

After you saving the quiz now its time to add questions , to add questions in the quiz you just create click on ” Create New Question”

Now you will see the black test editor , just write your question or paste from anywhere ( don’t write question with number or symbol , website automatically generate the number of questions and for options)

You only have to type question and answers ,

Once you finish you on question and you will see 4 black boxes for choice options , type your options

Please don’t forget to mention right answer, you need to check mark on the right answer

After that leave everything as is it scroll down and click on “Save & Save ew(Blank)”

After you click on this option you will see the another black page to create question and you can add question and option as save way above

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